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Giovannino Guareschi (1908 - 1968)

Giovannino Guareschi (1908 - 1968)

Writer, humorist and journalist, Guareschi was a fine eyewitness of his times.

His fame, not only in Italy but also abroad, is especially tied to the successful series of Don Camillo and Peppone.

The first "Don Camillo" film came out in 1952 and owes its fame to its French director Duvivier and the inimitable performance of Gino Cervi and Fernandel.

What particularly stands out are its characters which are typically "Emiliano-Romagnoli". They are portrayed as lively and friendly people who are tied to valuable human sentiments.

Guareschi's stay in Cervia contributed enormously to a deep understanding and respect of the life and people in Romagna.

He spent his summers here between 1962 and 1968. He bought the villa in Via Bellucci, where his son and daughter, Alberto and Carlotta, continued to stay long after his death.

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