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Giuseppe Palanti (1881-1946)

Giuseppe Palanti (1881-1946)

Born in Milan, he began intense activities as a painter of figures for the theatre "La Scala" and particularly distinguished himself for his ability as a decorator, poster designer, designer of fabric, scenery and ceramics.

It was actually Palanti who had the initiative of an original project which saw the founding and the development of the "Garden City" of Milano Marittima.

It was an original project which outlined the development of a new city, in which tourism blended in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

In Cervia Palanti was also the painter of fishermen and sails, of the pinewood and landscape, but above all of the local people.

As a result of his close ties with the town, the local council placed one of his original posters from 1920 in the main entrance hall to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the foundation of Milano Marittima.

The poster is called - Cervia "Milano Marittima - enchanting beaches, small houses in the pinewood"

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