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Isotta Gervasi (1889-1967)

Isotta Gervasi (1889-1967)

She was a very important character in the history of Cervia.

The fact that she was the first woman doctor in Italy and was renowned for her generosity and strength of spirit has made of her a character that the local people see both as a myth and reality.

It is the local people who were treated by the woman doctor when they were children who remind us of her achievements.

They remember her as the doctor of the poor or  the good doctor, who went around the town and countryside to cure the ill whatever their social status and she often accepted chickens, eggs and cheese instead of money from the very poor.

Her bonds and friendships with other intellectual women like Grazia Deledda, Lina Sacchetti and Maria Borgese, the intellectual affinity with her sisters, one of whom was a writer and journalist and the other a doctor, her friendship with Marino Moretti, Alfredo Panzini and other local artists complete the popular image of Isotta, who was much loved by the people in the province of Ravenna.

A woman who stood out from the rest for her culture and temperament, she was anti-conformist and generous, she was closely tied to the people; a bond which was reciprocate.

Following a popular vote, in fact, she was declared "local woman of the century" at a ceremony which took place at the local theatre in Cervia on 7th January 2001.

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