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Lina Sacchetti (1894-1988)

Lina Sacchetti (1894-1988)

Born in Cervia to an extremely poor family; her father was a salt worker and a supervisor of the fish market, in fact he fixed the price of the fish which was unloaded from the "bragozzi" (a characteristic boat).

Overall she was an educator completely devoted to the world of children to whom she dedicated an important piece of work The history of literature for youngsters.This text was so successful that it was selected by various teacher training colleges during that period.

Thanks to the many books and articles dedicated to children and the world of the youngsters, Sacchetti was awarded two gold medals, one by the Education Office in Bologna and the other by the Ministry of Public Education.

Finally, she received the prestigious "Prize of Culture, of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers".

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