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Rino Alessi (1885-1970)

Rino Alessi (1885-1970)

Born in Cervia, journalist for Il Giornale del Mattino, he was also a war correspondent between 1915 and 1918 for La Gazzetta del Secolo and then director of Il Piccolo in Trieste.

We also remember him working as a collaborator with other newspapers such as Il Resto del Carlino, besides working for the radio with spots which he personally supervised.

In spite of his commitments he was often in Cervia, where he got together with his family and old friends, but it was not until after the Second World War that he settled down in his home town.

We would like to mention three of the novels he wrote: Calda era la Terra which came out in 1958, La Speranza oltre il Fiume in 1959 and La Terra e gli Uomini in 1964, which was published after having put autobiographical manuscripts in order.

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