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Walter Chiari (1924 – 1991)

Walter Chiari (1924 – 1991)

One of the nicest and most appreciated actors of Italian theatre and television.

He came to Milano Marittima because he was attracted by the its worldliness but he immediately became fond of Cervia and its historic quarters instead.

For many summers you could see him taking a walk between Borgo Marinaro and Piazza Pisacane where he later organised and performed many shows for the town.

An unforgettable evening performance took place in the Piazza del Mercato where over ten thousand people attended.

He also made innumerable appearances for charity such as an unforgettable Christmas at the old peoples home or the performance at Astra Theatre in favour of the earthquake victims in Irpinia.

A successful show in his memory called "Il Sarchiapone" has been taking place for the last ten years. Every year the show sees young or already famous comedians take to the stage as well as famous people from the world of show business.

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