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Past, present

Past, present

The villas of Milano Marittima

The first buildings in Milano Marittima: dreamy Art Nouveau villas for the middle and upper middle classes of Lombardy, surrounded by the green of the pine forest and the blue of the sea.

Old Ficocle and New Cervia foundation

Ficocle and Cervia Nuova, a tale of salt, culture and history

Fishermen in Cervia's history

History of fishermen and maritime culture in Cervia

Birth and development of Milano Marittima

The history and development of Milano Marittima, the Garden City, since the early 20th century

Lido - Bathing Establishment

The Stabilimento Municipale Lido, the first “bathing establishment” on the Cervia Riviera, was built directly on the seafront in 1882 in front of what is now Viale Roma, based on a project by engineer. Ferdinando Forlivesi.


Born in Versilia during the second half of the nineteenth century exclusively for curative purposes, they became extremely popular after the Second World War.

A portrait of Cervia in the 1960, 1960s and 1970s, by Sante Crepaldi

8 thematic routes to relive the landscapes, events, characters and customs of Cervia society in those years, through Sante Crepaldi's photographs.

Cervia and Dante's trails

Cervia too finds its place in the Divine Comedy

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