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Madonna della Neve (Virgin of the Snow)

Madonna della Neve (Virgin of the Snow)


Holy Mary ad Nives was highly worshipped in the past. According to an old legend, in the fourth century a rich Roman patrician told his Bishop that on the night of August 4 he had dreamt about the Virgin telling him to build a church on the same spot where, on the following day, he would see snow on the ground.

The fifth of August has since remained a holiday dedicated to Holy Mary "of the Snow" and this worship was extended to Cervia, especially to the salt workers who considered her patron saint of their work.
Every year on the 5th of August the people from Cervia used to make a procession with their typical boats and the religious service was followed by big celebrations.
This tradition went on for long before starting to fade with the passing of time. It ended definitely in 1867 when the church was expropriated and turned into summer barracks.

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