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Saint Paterniano

Saint Paterniano

November 13

Historical origins

There is nothing certain about Cervia's patron saint, Saint Paterniano. "La Vita del Santo" (The Saint's life), written by some monk in the tenth or eleventh century, is completely legendary and sounds as a gross transcription of some excerpts from Vitae Patrum.
It says that Paterniano lived allegedly in the times of Diocleziano, first as heremit near Fano, in a place that his biographer calls "The Egypt of Fano", then as abbot in a monastery.
After being appointed Bishop he allegedly governed for more than forty years and died on November 13 348.

("Le Feste di Cervia" - Testi di Alessandra Mingardi - "La Festa del Patrono. San Paterniano" p. 81; Ed. Longo Editore Ravenna 1999)

According to a legend the citizens of Fano and Cervia fought over the Saint's body (he had died near Cervia) and the people from Cervia were only able to keep one finger.
Uccelini, in his "Dizionario Storico", mentions a basilica - built near the Campidoglio of Ravenna and named after Saint Paterniano - that in 1059 came under the charge of Cervia Bishop.

("Le Feste di Cervia" - Testi di Alessandra Mingardi - "La Festa del Patrono: San Paterniano" p.82. Ed. Longo Editore Ravenna 1999)


"Per San Paternian e' trema la coda a e' can." On Saint Paterniano's Day the dog's tail shivers.
According to this proverb from Cervia this time of the year is already particularly cold.

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