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Saint Rogato's Day

Saint Rogato's Day


Saint Rogato's Day is celebrated on Sunday in Albis in the Madonna del Pino Church and it dates back to 1641 when the Saint' s relics, that had been kept so far in Saint Callisto's catacombs, were offered to Cervia's Bishop, Mons. Merlini.
Until recently the day was celebrated with a solemn procession carrying Saint Rogato's relics from the Dome to the Sanctuary where numerous religious services were celebrated. In the afternoon the worshippers and the many young people taking part in the ceremony used to go to the near-by pinewood and have a big lunch, spending time together and having fun before going back to church for the evening services.
Nowadays the procession is made by car, without Saint Rogato's relics which some years ago were placed inside the marble altar of the church.

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