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Daily excursion to the San Bartolo Park

Daily excursion to the San Bartolo Park

A unique cycling experience between seaside and hills

Do you know about a wild and rugged coast, a crystal-clear water and a panoramic path to be covered on foot and by bike, feeling the freedom and the discovery near Rimini?

San Bartolo Parc offers all of this: a paradisiac part of the coast to admire and to protect.

We leave in the morning at 8.30 by train and after just an hour by train we arrive at the train station of Cattolica /Gabicce Mare.

From Gabicce Mare starts the bike tour towards Gabicce Monte where starts the path 151 that runs along the entire coast of the Park, a fantastic path with ups and downs and a beautiful view over the sea.

We will arrive in Pesaro for lunch and then we will come back among the other side of the coast.

Return to Cervia by train during the afternoon.

Alternative: who feels a bit tired could comeback to Cervia from Pesaro halving the route.


The route

  • 50 km

  • Gradient: 1320 mt

  • Road surface: alternating paths with tarmac, paths, cycle paths, dirt roads

  • Bike reccomended: mountain bike, trekking bike, gravel, e-bike



Romagna Bike Tour - San Bartolo



info and reservations

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Tel. 0544 916280
Fax. 0544 972911



Summer 2023


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