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Malatesta Tour, by bike among the castles of Romagna

Malatesta Tour, by bike among the castles of Romagna

From Cervia to the discovery of medieval Romagna, among castles and panoramas that embrace the sea and hills

A short but intense itinerary, both for the visual emotions and for the climbs that will test the degree of preparation.

A series of steep ups and downs accompany the path along the walls of the three most spectacular and best preserved castles in the surroundings of Cesena: Longiano, Monteleone and Sorrivoll.

The ride is refreshed by the panoramic views visible from the ridges, which enclose hills and the sea. A journey through time and the medieval history of Romagna, seen from the saddle of the bike.

Malatesta Tour, map


  • km: 80 km
  • difference in height: 940 mt
  • road surface: asphalt
  • recommended bikes: road bike, triathlon

 Malatesta Tour, drop

Malatesta Tour, Sogliano


Download the track in gpx

Malatesta Tour, route



Cervia, Pinarella, Gambettola, Longiano, Roncofreddo, Monteleone, Sorrivoli, Parco dei Gessi, Case Castagnoli, Bulgarnò, Montaletto, Cervia


Cervia Turismo
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
Tel. 0544 916280
Fax. 0544 972911


route accessible on its own


Cervia - Longiano - Monteleone - Sorrivoli

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