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Sea Front Bunker Tour - Cervia, travel along the defensive line

Sea Front Bunker Tour - Cervia, travel along the defensive line

A guided tour of the restored World War II bunkers

Bunker-tour, panoramic Dragon's Teeth on the coast

German bunkers and dragon teeth had the aim of defending the Gothic front line from assaults by sea.
They were scattered over a long stretch of coast and some remained buried for a long time.

Along the beach there were numerous Dragon Teeth, anti-tank barriers, in defense of the bunkers, which in our territory are of two types: Tobruk and Regelbau.

During the excavations for the construction of the new seafront in Milano Marittima, 3 bunkers were found. They can now be visited after a great recovery and research work coordinated by the CRB 360 ° Association with the Municipality of Cervia.

Of these 3 WWII bunkers, the features are:

a TOBRUK, with tunnels and very thick walls, up to over one meter. A very narrow turret, it could accommodate only one person
a REGELBAU 668 a bunker with information function, equipped with radio control. Inside there is a mural with a phrase by the German poet Schiller
another adjacent TOBRUK, in recovery phase


How the tour takes place

The path to discover the underground Cervia starts with the vision of particular concrete conformations called dragon teeth, defensive obstacles with a particularly effective shape to stop the advance of tanks. We continue with the Regelbau Bunker, used as a refuge is the largest that we will see on our tour, and to follow the Tobruk bunker to end the visit with other dragon teeth.
At the moment, unfortunately, the large bunker is not accessible for safety reasons, the guide will show pictures and open the doors to make the narration more suggestive and transport you to the atmosphere of the time.

Duration of the tour: about an hour.


How to participate

The tour takes place every Saturday from July until October.
Book online or directly in the IAT offices of Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.


The tour also continues in CESENATICO. Book it online here.

Bunker tour- german painting



from 8th May to 18th December 2021
every Saturday

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From  May to September 5.00 pm

From October to April 3.00 pm

Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
0544 977194
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