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Immagina Cervia, English version

A mosaic of stories to discover the seaside town of Cervia


Cervia, imagine Cervia app

 Immagina Cervia app

Immagina Cervia is an innovative tale of Cervia.
A way to explore the town using a smartphone or tablet, to discover the history, traditions and way of life of the people of Cervia.

Cervia, map of the panels

Just like in a treasure hunt, as you walk through the centre and cross the city you may encounter several stories about our seafaring tradition in many different ways: information boards, audio contents, videos, augmented reality effects... everything is at hand just by downloading the Immagina Cervia app.

As you pass by, thanks to specific devices, most of the signage will activate directly on your smartphone tales and images about seafaring: boats and sea life, trade and cooking, typical places, cultural suggestions and so much more. A mosaic of stories restoring the soul of the city’s seafaring vocation.


To begin your journey, you must have a touch-screen mobile device, download the Immagina Cervia application and activate the geolocalisation, map navigation and bluetooth functions. The app will then guide you through the streets of the town, highlighting points of interest with a marker on your mobile device.

Cervia, app imagine Cervia QR code



The interactive map of the town within the application will show you various thematic itineraries. Choose the itinerary that you wish to follow! The app will mark points of interest where you can receive a detailed description of the place, with images and multimedia content.


The application allows you to save content in a favourites section so that you can access it at any time. The search and share function on a social network makes the visiting experience even more immediate and satisfying. 

Requirements: Android 4.3 and iOS 9

App Immagina Cervia, loghi


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