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Salt and Sea Ecomuseum

Cervia Salt and Sea Ecomuseum

What is the Ecomuseum?


Institution that protects and disseminates the global collective memory of a community.

An Ecomuseum is therefore a representation of what a territory is, its inhabitants and their culture.

It is a dynamic process by which communities guard, interpret and enhance their heritage to create a sustainable development model.

Cervia Lighthouse

Cervia Ecomuseum

In 2013, the Ecomuseum of Salt and the Sea was created, with the aim of creating an opportunity for knowledge and appreciation of the area.

Here, it finds its roots in the sea water, the surrounding nature, the history of the city, the salt pans and its production of White Gold.

Projects and events

The Cervia Ecomuseum promotes various projects and events.

Giving citizens and tourists the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Romagna.

Workshops, exhibitions on ancient traditions and relevant Cervese personalities, remembrance days and the creation of alliances with other towns take place.


Typical of Cervia are the antennas, i.e. main points where assets characterising the area are located such as:

  • the Cervia Saltpan 
  • the ancient Thermal Spa
  • the San Michele Tower
  • the Lighthouse





Landscape and community maps

Making a map encourages communities to identify things around them,
giving recognition and active expression to meaningful relationships with places and activities related to them, which are often overlooked

Landscape maps

Cervia Ecomuseum, Salt Pan

Land and environment become an expression of civilisation,

in every place there is an important element for the quality of life of the people.

Each point becomes essential for the transmission of history and traditions.

Community maps

Hexagonal tower

These are places where, thanks to the active participation of the population,

heritage is represented to which the community attaches value,

with the aim of strengthening local identity and as a basis for sustainable development projects.



  • Map of Cervia, pdf
  • Ecomuseum, guide to the Antennas, pdf

Salt and Sea Ecomuseum

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