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A lifeguard as a friend

A lifeguard as a friend

Accessible beach for everyone

Your free holiday

Milano Marittima, Cervia, Pinarella e Tagliata


Sea and waves

A beach, a friend

Availability, hospitality and quality are important pillars for a holiday on the beaches of Cervia. Beaches are synonymous with accessible tourism, so that no one has to give up the sea. Relaxation and fun under the beach umbrella must be within everyone's reach, with accessible beaches available to those with special needs.

Un bagnino per amico

A lifeguard as a friend

This is how "A lifeguard as a friend" was born in 2006, a free, cutting-edge service that many bathing establishments have joined to offer their guests a safe and quality stay.

In this way, tourists with special needs can enjoy the sea, the sun and feel safe on our beaches.

They can count on the assistance of a specialised and trained operator, special chairs that allow them to move on the sand and swim in the sea.

In addition, there are reserved parking spaces, wooden walkways with dedicated routes, sanitary facilities and suitable spaces.


How to book the service

To access the service, contact your lifeguard who will call the toll-free number to request the availability of the floating wheelchair (JOB) and to book assistance.

Duration of service

At the time of booking, the availability of the wheelchair is guaranteed for one week, so that more people can benefit from the service. If there are no other requests, the period can be extended.

The operator

The operator helps the tourist to go into the water and in case of bad weather or rough seas, if possible, accompanies him for a walk on the seashore. The operator can also decide whether to go into the water in case of bad weather, rain and red/yellow flags.

Read more on the web site of Cooperativa Bagnini

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