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Immerse yourself in the emerald green pine forest of Milano Marittima, at a truly slow pace

Canoeing in the pinewood in Milano Marittima

Would you like to plunge into the green of the centuries-old pine forest of Milano Marittima, along the emissary canal of the Salina di Cervia and up to the salt pans?
At sunset, the landscape that opens to your eyes is unimaginable.

Or paddle towards the sea and reach the mouth of the Bevano, a few kilometres from Milano Marittima?
Here you can discover unique scenery on routes full of charm due to the peculiarities of the natural habitat you encounter.

Where to hire canoes and kayaks

In Via Jelenia Gora, along the Milano Marittima canal, not far from the Butterfly House, the Canoe and Kayak Club provides:

  • canoes and kayak
  • safety equipment
  • driving and escorting service
  • assistance and training

What is the best time of year?

There is no season!
Guided excursions can be booked all year round by contacting Angelo Modanesi of the Canoe and Kayak Club by phone.


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