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World Music Festival in Cervia with Max Gazzè and Mirko Casadei POPular Folk Orchestra

Balamondo is an innovative, unique festival where artists bring elements of their own music to the stage and then fuse them with Liscio, the folk tradition of Romagna.

Historical pieces of folk tradition have been revisited to create an interesting journey of contamination and experimentation.

Cervia - Max Gazzé

Thursday 24th August

Cervia - Piazza Garibaldi
9.00 pm

Balamondo World Music Festival

with Max Gazzè and Mirko Casadei POPular Folk Orchestra

Max Gazzè presents "Musicae Loci", a grand tour in which at each stage he will be accompanied by a large local music orchestra, to bring his songs to the stage in a new guise that will absorb the colours and sounds typical of the different areas in which the show will be hosted.

A cultural project linked to the territory, understood above all as a land of history, music and art.

On the Cervia stage he will be joined by the Mirko Casadei POPular folk orchestra, in a reciprocal mingling of notes, with arrangements by Manuel Petti with the collaboration of Max Dedo, who will be with him on stage.

The orchestra will redesign the singer-songwriter's songs with new nuances, and he will reinterpret some of the most representative songs of the local tradition.

Brass and percussion instruments, tambourines, accordions, violins and beating guitars will merge with Gazzè's sounds for a different and spectacular concert.

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Thursday 24th August 2023


9.00 p.m.


Piazza G. Garibaldi



full price € 23,00
reduced price under 10 years € 11,50


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