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Fiorella Mannoia and Danilo Rea in Luce

Fiorella Mannoia and Danilo Rea in Luce

The extraordinary concert for piano and voice arrives in Cervia

Fiorella Mannoia and Danilo Rea in concert im Cervia - Ph. Simone Cecchetti

The well-established partnership between Mannoia and Rea is renewed, giving life to a unique concert, perfect in its essentiality: just the voice of Fiorella, one of the greatest singer-songwriters and interpreters of Italian songs, and the piano of Danilo, one of the most appreciated jazz musicians in our country and beyond, able to range over any repertoire with his flair and musical sensitivity.

On stage, bathed in candlelight, Fiorella's repertoire and successes and the melody of the song and Rea's jazz improvisation meet in a perfect alchemy of sound, in a unique live performance, capable of enchanting the audience with its intensity.


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Saturday 5th August 2023


9.00 p.m.


Piazza G. Garibaldi



from  € 46,00 

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