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In Milano Marittima the revival of the "Mototemporada romagnola" with motorbikes of great champions

Mototemporada Milano Marittima, motorbike exhibition

The 2022 edition was cancelled for organisational reasons

Exhibition of vintage motorbikes in the revival of the historic Mototemporada race held in the 60s and 70s on a route in Milano Marittima. The exhibition includes historical and modern motorbikes and the participation of the riders who made the history of Italian motorcycling, creating a link with current motorcycling.

The motorbikes on display are of inestimable value both from a technical and sentimental point of view and from a purely economic one.
In the 2021 edition, the first 6 cross roads of Milano Marittima were named after the deceased riders who brought prestige to this splendid circuit. Two names above all Tarquinio Provini and Angelo Bergamonti.

The Mototemporada Romagnola, held on five city circuits on the Riviera, is an event that in the years 1960/1970 made Milano Marittima one of the most famous circuits. It took place from 12th April 1964 to 1970, the track measured 3,400 metres and was run anti-clockwise.

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Mototemporada Milano Marittima, Suzuki motorbike


The event at the "Cervia - Milano Marittima Motorcycle Circuit" was held from 1964 to 1970 and was born a few years earlier from an idea of the then president of the Auto moto club, Oliviero Neri, who immediately involved Quinto Lugaresi and Pietro "Piron" Dal Pozzo and other friends.

The first race was run on 12 April 1964: the track measured 3400 metres (later lengthened in the course of the other editions) and had four right-angle bends, two S-shaped variants and a chicane at the Viale 2 Giugno roundabout. It also had a very long straight on Viale Matteotti, where there was the finish line. The 125, 250 and 500 classes raced, then in later editions the 50, 350 and even sidecars were added.

The event was an immediate success, it was an opportunity to see riders like Giacomo Agostini in action (it is said that he practiced at night with his headlights on to find where the asphalt was bad), Renzo Pasolini, Mike Hailwood, Tarquinio Provini, the Villa brothers and Phil Read. Without forgetting that you could touch Italian and foreign motorcycles: from the legendary MV Augusta to Ducati, from Benelli to Morini, Gilera, passing through the Japanese Honda, Yamaha and Suzuky. Incidentally, it was to tell the story of those races that a television crew came to the city for the first time. The circuit was dedicated to 'Lorenzo Seragnoli', a young man from Bologna who died of a serious illness: his parents frequented Milano Marittima and in memory of their son they also supported the event financially.

Several fatal accidents took place at other Italian circuits, including the one at Riccione where Angelo Bergamonti lost his life in 1971. His death marked the end of motorbike racing on city circuits and the event was closed due to its high level of danger.


Auto Moto Club Cervia Milano Marittima
Stefano Versari


Sunday 25th September 2022
event cancelled due to organisational reasons


from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Rotonda 1° Maggio

Milano Marittima



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