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Grand fried fish from the Adriatic Sea

Grand fried fish from the Adriatic Sea

Fritto misto Adriatico



  • 150 grams of sardines
  • 150 grams of small red mullet
  • 100 grams of small zanches
  • 100 grams of moletti
  • 80 grams of small shrimps
  • 100 grams of baby squid
  • Depending on the season... also some small net crabs
  • 00 flour
  • 3 litres of peanut oil
  • whole sea salt
  • ice for storing the fish before frying




Thoroughly clean all fish, shellfish and crustaceans and place them in water. Crisp baby squid and artichokes on ice until frying.
This will preserve the cold chain and prevent possible dehydration of the fish.

Place a large frying pan with oil over the flame and let it heat until it reaches a temperature of 180/190 degrees.

Now lightly flour the individual pieces to be fried, discard all excess flour and immerse them in the boiling oil (if necessary twice to ensure that the oil temperature does not drop too quickly).

When cooked, allow the fried paranza to dry on paper towels, salt lightly and serve immediately.


Recipe by chef Gregorio Grippo
Recipe published in "Cervia Experience - Special Food".

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