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Cervia's salt

Cervia's salt

The salt produced and prepared in the salt fields of Cervia is "wholemeal salt"

It has only been through a physical-mechanical processing: sorting, washing with water with high salt concentration, parting the water many times until a maximum humidity of 2% is reached. The salt produced in the salt fields is top-quality unrefined salt. Its properties are left untouched because nothing is added or modified.

The average composition of this salt, printed on the 1 kilo-bag, is as follows: 97.5 g sodium chloride, 2.0 g humidity, 250.0 mg sulphates, 60.0 mg calcium, 60.0 mg magnesium, 40.0 mg potassium, 3.0 mg strontium, 0.2 mg manganese, 0.15 mg zinc, 0.15 mg fluorine, 0.03 mg lithium, 0.03 mg copper.

The salt is processed with a system aimed at keeping its natural sea characteristics whole. According to a test that took into consideration product, chemical and organoleptic analysis, the salt produced in Cervia is the best in comparison to a sample of commercialised salts from all around Italy.

The Sweet Salt

Cervia salt is named as special salt, "Sweet", for the purity of the sodium chloride and the absence of other bitter salts normally present in the sea water. Today the reactivation of the salt production permits its valorization as a typical resource and the rediscovery of its cooking use.

Cervia salt : sea salt, extracted and packed according traditional methods. Simply washed and centrifuged, it retains all the richness of the oligoelements existing in the sea water. The natural humidity (2%) is typical of the integral sea salt.

Sweet Salt of "Camillone" Salt Pan: produced according the millenary traditional system, the so called multiple extraction which is made daily from salt basins.

Cervia Salt herbs: sea salt with Romagna herbs, biologically cultivated and carefully dosed.



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