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Cervia honey

Cervia honey

Honeydew honey is the product of bees harvesting pine needles from the Cervia pine forest.

Jar of honeyBees are responsible for pollination all over the world, it is from them that the reproduction of the plant world is derived, the one that allows us to breathe the oxygen generated by chlorophyll synthesis.

Bees are also true 'sentinels of the environment' as they are extremely sensitive to chemical molecules and will die if they come into contact with them.

Cervia honey is particularly rich in minerals with digestive and balsamic properties.

The honey produced by the Brusi di Cervia company is subject to control and analysis by the FAI (Federation of Italian Beekeepers), which gives it the distinctive quality mark of Italian Honey.



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Apicoltura Brusi

Cervia, Piazza Pisacane
335 848 4657
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