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D.O.C. Wine from Cervia

D.O.C. Wine from Cervia

The wine produced under the label "Vini della Bassona" comes from grapes grown in the large D.O.C. (top-quality) area called Bosco Eliceo (Eliceo Wood), where Cervia belongs.

It is a sandy, salty soil, located near the sea, which contributes to the mildness of the weather. The wine production process is combined with the preservation of the ancient heritage of the so-called forest wines, typical from the southern part of the Po-Delta area and its population, where Cervia belongs, with its saltpans, culture and landscapes.
The grapes grown in the sandy "Bassona" land are turned into wine at the CAB ("Le Ghiaine")

Delicious as an appetizer, best served with starters, fish dishes and delicate pasta courses. Serve cool 8-10°C.

Production companies

C.A.B. (Cooperativa Agricola Braccianti) - Farmers Corporation in Cervia.
The Association deals with projects for the green areas. It produces white and red wine from its vineyards. It has been fighting for over 20 years against the employment of noxious products, promoting the production of healthier fruit.

You can buy products from Cooperativa Agricola Braccianti in the following shops:
- Azienda Ghiaine - Via Romea Nord, 180 - Cervia - Tel: 0544 993781 - Open June-September
- Tantlon - Castiglione - Via Salara - Tel: 0544 9501013 - Open June-October
- Cantina Aziendale "Le Ghiaine" - S.S.Adriatica 180 - Cervia - Tel: 0544 993003
- Savio di Ravenna - Viale dei Lombardi 53 - Tel: 0544 923781

Cooperative shop and fruit selling - opening times:
from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm - from Monday to Saturday, closed on Thursday afternoon and Sunday

The wine produced at CAB is not on sale in shops but only at "Le Ghiaine" farm (SS Adriatica, 180 - between Cervia and Savio).

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