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Dog Parks

Green areas dedicated to walking, some of them equipped with games for dogs

Aree di sgambamento

What are they?

They are fenced and shaded green areas, where dogs can stir, run and play freely without lesh, under their attendants' supervision.
Some of those areas are equipped with games and elements for Agility Dog.

How to behave

We provide you with some simple tips for a correct use of these spaces.

  • Read carrefully the rules of behaviour at the entrance of the areas.
  • Prevent your dogs from causing noises that can disturb the quiet of the inhabitants during the hours of rest.
  • Remove feaces by utilising special containers and make sure your dogs don't cause any damage.
  • When leaving, leave the area in the best conditons for those who will enter after you.

Our dog parks

  • Laika Area
    Pinarella, via Lazio
    with Agility Dog equipment
  • Rin Tin Tin Area
    Cervia, via Catullo
    with Agility Dog equipment
  • Area in Cervia
    Via Malva Sud
    with Agility Dog equipment
  • Area in Cervia
    Via Geltrude Mazzotti
    with Agility Dog equipment
  • Zanna Bianca Area
    Milano Marittima, inside Parco Spallicci beetween via Tepolo and via Cilea
  • Area in Tagliata
    Via Valtellina
  • Area in Pisignano
    Via Vanzetti
  • Area in Cannuzzo
    Via dei Muratori


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