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On holiday with your four-legged friend

Cervia is happy to welcome you and your four-legged friend  


Pet-friendly beaches

Dog-friendly area - Ph. Bagno Ben

Do you want to come on holiday with your pet?

On the beach of Cervia, you can find dedicated and equipped areas in several lidos along the 9 kilometres of coastline from Milano Marittima to Cervia, as far as Pinarella.
You can enjoy the sun and the sea in peace, with a shaded area and a bowl of fresh water for your dog.
Outside the equipped areas, you can stroll along the shore, every day:

  • from 6.00 to 8.00
  • from 21.00 to 24.00

In winter, there are no time restrictions.

Playground for Fido

Area di sgambamento attrezzata

Play and freedom

What could be better than seeing your dog socialize in protected and equipped areas?
Let him play among the greenery and in shaded areas in total freedom, or put him to the test with the agility dog routes available in some areas.

Beaches, hotels, parks and services

To welcome you in the best possible way and allow you to book your holiday with total peace of mind, we suggest browsing the list of services available in Cervia.
If it is easier for you, you can open the map at the bottom of the page and select the services of interest to you.
Veterinary clinics, grooming parlours, stores for the sale of animal products and dog sitters.

Before taking off, we recommend...

If your friend is a cat, simply check that the hotel you have chosen accepts small pets.
Almost 70-80% of accommodation facilities in Cervia are now capable of accommodating them.
It will be your responsibility to monitor the cat: avoid any unpleasant escapes and do not bring it into the dining room where pets are not allowed.

If your holiday companion is a dog, it is always important to announce its arrival when booking and specify the size.
If it is very big, your hotelier will want to organise himself to welcome you in the best possible way.

Remember that not all hotel guests are dog lovers; it is always a polite gesture not to impose their presence on others.
We also recommend to make sure that there is no barking at night.

Contact the accommodation facilities that welcome pets

Your holiday will get off on the... right paw!

On holiday with your four-legged friend



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