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Beauty and well-being with salt water

Beauty and well-being with salt water

At the Cervia Spa, water and mud from the salt pans are the basis for curative, regenerating and cosmetic treatments

A regenerating path

Relax by the pool



At the Cervia Spa, Mother Water, together with mud from the nearby salt pans, is a true elixir of health and well-being.
It seems that the salt workers themselves were unaware of these beneficial properties when, working for many months immersed in the water and mud of the Cervia salt pans, they realised that the mud cured their pains.
Today we know that the water of the Cervia Spa owes its therapeutic properties to its high salt concentration, four times that of the sea.
It is used for numerous treatments and is the main ingredient for wellness products.
The precious black mud, comparable in composition and effectiveness to that of the Dead Sea, is also used for various treatments for aesthetic and dermatological problems.
At the thermal spa immersed in the pine forest, in addition to the large swimming pool, there is a salt terrace, solarium, hydromassage pool and sweet salt for a regenerating scrub.
To complete the pleasure of these moments, there is a refreshment area with infusions, herbal teas and fresh fruit.
A regenerating break during the holidays that ensures total relaxation, for a return in splendid form.

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