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5 reasons to know it


Each time a different emotion

a charming landscape

enter the world of the salt pan

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The salt pan

Salina di Cervia, panoramica


Access gate to the south and station along the Po Delta Park

827 hectares, about 1600 m from the sea, a real natural heritage

more than 200,000 quintals of sweet salt

The ancient Camillone Salt pan

Salina Camillone


This is the last of the 144 small salt pans existing before salt production was turned into industrial in 1959

between 500 and 2,000 hundredweights of sweet salt, “Slow Food” product


Discover the  Po Delta Park

A paradise for birdwatching and photography lovers

Experience a natural treasure

photo @Angela Raggi

The places of salt

Cervia Sale, Cervia Mare - mappa banner

Two itineraries at the discovery of the salt and sea town, its history and its traditions

Both itineraries Cerviasale and CerviaMare start from San Michele Tower.



A salt based culture

Sapore di Sale - burchiella - foto Gabriele Bernabini - 400x400

Cervia salt has always played an important role in the history of the town, from Ficocle to New Cervia

Nowadays the precious white gold, with unique qualities, is highly valued both in Italy and abroad. 



Landscapes with a soul

A participatory project for a community who loves its own roots

Discover the Ecomuseum of salt and sea

photo @Daniele Zarri

Cervia Salt Pan


Cervia sweet salt, the main character of some top events

Sea Wedding

10th - 12th May 2024

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Sunset in the saltpan 

March - September 2024

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Saltworker for a day 

18th June - 27th August 2024

Salt Festival

5th - 8th September 2024

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  • Cervia road map, pdf
  • Cervia Itineraries, environment and nature, pdf
  • Ecomuseum, points of interest, pdf

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photo @Angela Raggi  

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