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Slow Bike, what a passion!

Slow Bike, what a passion!

An impressive off-road bike trip from Cervia to Venice

Romagna and holidays on two wheels

A land of bike lovers, Romagna and its Riviera are the destination of thousands of bike tourists attracted by "sustainable" routes and unmissable competitions.
A bicycle is enough to make you feel good, and if you add the pleasure of discovery to the pleasure of cycling, the holiday effect is guaranteed.
Fun, eco-friendly and low-cost, a bicycle trip offers a unique opportunity to slowly savour suggestive and often unexplored views and itineraries.

A pair of cyclists on the road


Perhaps this is why, or perhaps because active holidays are a growing trend, in recent years two wheels have conquered the hearts and legs of many travellers, making bike tourism a pleasantly established reality.
Cervia too, with its routes through the town's cycle paths, sand dunes and flourishing pinewoods, offers plenty of satisfaction to cycling lovers.


Cyclists and historic sailsAnd it is from Cervia that lovers of slow cycling, with a Marco Polo spirit, can set out to discover the ancient Salt Route.
Set amidst unspoilt nature and villages of indescribable charm, the itinerary follows the ancient route taken by the salt workers who left Cervia for the Serenissima with their precious cargo of white gold.
The nautical route, which dates back to the 1400s and is celebrated every year by a spectacular historical commemoration, has also been enriched since last year by an evocative bike trail created by the cycling guide Cristina Merloni. Off road, flat, 100% nature, paths and roads, with just a few pedal strokes will take you from the sea to the shade of the lush pinewoods of Cervia and Classe.
After a few kilometres immersed in the most uncontaminated coastal site with the highest degree of biodiversity in the upper Adriatic, in the area of the mouth of the Bevano river, between the Ortazzo and Ortazzino Reserves, you arrive in the capital of mosaic art, Ravenna, an obligatory stop before getting back on the saddle for the Comacchio Valleys.
The route continues through the wild dunes of the Ravenna coastline and the coastal woods between the river banks of the Lamone and Reno, where you can discover the basins of the Valle Furlana, tinged pink by the thousands of flamingos that choose this site to nest.
The bike-experience continues by caressing the enchanting oases of Volano and the Gran Bosco della Mesola until you reach Goro where you meet the river Po.

Cycling in the Lagoon of VeniceCERVIA - VENICE

Cycling between vast mirrors of water and uncontaminated areas, we reach Chioggia, where the first shipyard in history was founded in 1438.
From here to Venice, historically the dream of every explorer or merchant, the step is short.
The last part of the route is a mixed experience, bike and boat, constantly immersed in the landscape of the Venetian Lagoon with an arrival in the Serenissima with an ancient flavour and a rhythm slowed down by the waves.

Customisable to your own ability and speed of travel, in full trail spirit you can download the complete route free of charge from



Bikes and Granfondo Via del SaleWhether the approach is one of total relaxation or intensive training, you cannot be disappointed in a land where the bicycle has always been a companion to life as well as a means of transport.
The more athletic can put themselves to the test in the challenges of the Ironman and Granfondo Via del Sale, or experience the thrill of the sprint through the hairpin bends of the Apennines where Marco Pantani used to train before his great feats.
Slow cycling tourists, on the other hand, can enjoy cycle paths and trails amidst suggestive panoramic views and uncontaminated nature.

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