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Salt Route Bike Trail

Salt Route Bike Trail

249 km route in nature inside the Po Delta Park region, form Cervia to Venice

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The journey departing from Cervia and arriving in Venice goes through high natural value sites of unique beauty, exploring areas and site such as the lush Pinewoods of Ravenna, the river Bevano mouth, the Comacchio Valleys, the Volano Sanctuary, the forest Bosco della Mesola and the Venetian Delta Valleys, touching the towns of Ravenna, Comacchio and Chioggia, to finally reach Venice after a bike-boat stretch between Pellestrina and Lido di Venezia.


The route

km: 249 km
Difference in level: flat
road surface: dirt roads, paths, bicycle paths, asphalt
Recommended bikes: mountain bike, trekking bike, gravel

The three-stage tour

  • Cervia-Comacchio, 98 km
  • Comacchio-Chioggia, 115 km
  • Chioggia-Venezia, 36 km
includes the gpx track, overnight stays with breakfast, dinners and ferries.

Guided group tour, from 22nd to 24th September 2023

The event can be booked as a holiday package, with the services and conditions indicated in detail.

Take part in the weekend dedicated to the Salt Route offroad from Cervia to Venice, the guided excursion open to everyone.
Admire from the saddle of your bike - and with no other thoughts - the nature and landscapes of the Po Delta Park; experience the atmosphere and flavours of the seaside villages of Comacchio and Chioggia.

How to participate

Book now,  go to the Cervia Turismo cart on the website


The route can also be used independently in other periods from 1st April to 15th October.
Cervia Turismo can provide assistance and information or book the services for an individual package.
--> send an e-mail to
--> book the individual holiday package

For groups (minimum 10 people), Cervia Turismo provides assistance, booking of services and possibly a bike tour guide.
--> ask for a quote by sending an email to


Individual Tour (without guide), from 1st April to 15th October 2023

Even without a guide, you can organize your tour by downloading the gpx tracks of the route. Ideal for those who love to move independently following their own times and rhythms.
The route, in its entirety, is usable until mid-October because subsequently some services are not guaranteed.
For information or assistance, you can contact the IAT office (0544 974400,

from 1 April to 15 October 2023


 Book now,  go to the Cervia Turismo cart on the website


 Download the gpx tracks

Salt Bike Trail Ruote


The bike route between Cervia and Venice can be enjoyed in several  stages that allow you to customise your journey as you like. 

The itinerary tested during the inauguration of the path in July 2018 consists of 3 main stops and is registered with gpx track that can be downloaded from the website Rotta del Sale bike trail.


Cervia - Comacchio

Before reaching Comacchio and its valleys, you bike through amazing natural reserves such as the river Bevano mouth, the Ortazzo and the Ortazzino sites and Ravenna’s pinewoods. This stretch is enriched by culture as it goes through Ravenna - the town of Byzantine mosaic - and Comacchio, that keeps the tradition of eel and marinated fish alive.

Comacchio - Chioggia

A journey through Oasi di Volano, Delta’s boat bridges, Sacca degli Scardovari, Oasi di Ca Mello and Bagliona Valley up to Chioggia, which is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage and known as Piccola Venezia, Little Venice.

Chioggia - Venezia

The last bike-boat stop from Cà Roman, Pellestrina, Malamocco, S. Maria del Mare up to the Lido, to finally land in stunning Venice. This is the final stage of the Salt Route Bike Trail.

Interactive map of the route


info and booking

Cervia Turismo
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
Tel. 0544 916280
Fax. 0544 972911


Rotta del sale bike trail, bici e immagine dall'alto

rotta del Sale bike Trail, Chioggia e traghetto


from 1st April to 15th October 2023
individual tour


Cervia - Venezia

Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
0544 977194
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Tourist Information - #VisitCervia - - +39 0544 974400