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Where green dives into blue

Where green dives into blue

In Pinarella and Tagliata the pine forest reaches the sea.

The blue and green of Tagliata and Pinarella

In Pinarella and Tagliata, the pine forest reaches the sea and offers cool shelter to beach-goers during the hottest hours.

Running in the pinewood - Ph. Cristina Ceccarelli


Pinarella and Tagliata are a mix of sea and pine forest.
A meeting that offers shade and relaxation behind a long beach of fine sand.
The pine forest is a real paradise for sports enthusiasts. A natural reserve where you can practice various sports activities to stay in shape even on holiday.


The beaches of Pinarella and Tagliata have always been child-friendly. The Green Flag that flies here every year testifies to this fact.
Near the sea, the pine forest offers a natural environment with well-equipped picnic areas, swings and games suitable for children and their families.


On summer days the streets of the two towns come alive with numerous initiatives, such as Aghi di Pino, a cross between the flavours of Romagna, traditions and fun.
In spring, for the St. Joseph's Fair, there is the Cuttlefish Festival, an opportunity to taste this tasty shellfish and many other dishes on the menu of the association Antichi Sapori di Romagna.
Colouring the beach and sky of Pinarella and Tagliata is the Kite Festival. Every year, great kite masters perform on our beach and tell a story of an art that few people know.

Kites on the beach

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