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Artevento Cervia, 43rd International Kite Festival

Artevento Cervia, 43rd International Kite Festival

Kites from all over the world flying over the beach of Pinarella

The 43rd Artevento Cervia - International Kite Festival is back on the beach of Pinarella.

ARTEVENTO CERVIA, 43rd International Kite Festival

11 days of fantasy on the beach of Pinarella with kites coming from all over the world.

The programme includes displays of artistic, ethnic, historical and giant kites, acrobatic flight displays to the rhythm of music, fights, multidisciplinary performances, exhibitions, educational workshops, "Wind Gardens", "Night of Miracles", Flag Ceremony, "Special Award for Flying Merits", Cervia's Cup championship organised by STACK Italia Acrobatic and Precision Flying Federation, "Wind Fair", installations, air sculptures, market and food area.

Pinarella - Artevento Cervia, International Kite Festival

 Pinarella - Artevento Cervia, 43rd International Kite Festival, map

Wind Gardens and Wind Fair

The Wind Gardens, the Wind Fair and the play area provide the whole family with the ideal atmosphere to spend extraordinary days in a stimulating and healthy atmosphere.

The Wind Fair and Madera Circus

It offers a refreshment area every day, a kite market with air games and kite-building materials, playful educational activities, workshops to create your own kite and initiation into flying, and contemporary circus chapiteu.

The Wind Gardens 

By the sea, on the shoreline, the walk among the art installations has something magical about it.
The largest open-air exhibition of air sculptures and wind installations from the world to celebrate environmental art and promote wind power as an inexhaustible source of renewable energy.

Knock on the sky and listen to the sound

Saturday 22nd April 9.00 p.m.

Night Flight

The night of miracles

Saturday 29th April 9.00 p.m.

Among the events not to be missed is the charming Night of Miracles.
An event conceived in 1999 as a poetic homage to the sea and an expression of the festival's ecological philosophy. A unique immersive show of wind art, with music and lights to dress the Pinarella Beach in enchantment.

Exhibitions, educational workshops

An informative and educational activity by the Kite Museum to learn about one of the most fascinating and versatile human inventions, an object of anthropological, historical and scientific research and an emblem of a sacred relationship between man and the environment.


Pinarella - Artevento Cervia, International Kite Festival - Ph. Perletti

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Artevento, International Kite Festival

How was the Festival born?

Born in 1981 from a happy intuition of the painter Claudio Capelli who, since its inception, has been the organiser and artistic director.
And since 1981, every spring, the sky is filled with colour and magic as kites from all over the world fly harmoniously over our beaches.
A festival that combines imagination, creativity, art and culture.

Every year, the best kite masters on the planet meet on Cervia beach in spring for this traditional event.

More than a consolidated tradition, it represents the ideal appointment with the different cultures of the planet, in full respect of the values of brotherhood, peace and respect for the environment.
The event is now considered one of the ten most important festivals of its kind in the world.


The art of kite building

The Festival is a window on the colourful world of world kite flying, with its original characters and fascinating flying creatures.
It is also an opportunity to learn the art of kite building and flying directly from the world's great kite flying champions.

On the weekdays of the Festival, there are workshops for groups and school groups, by appointment, while on the holidays, they are open to all children.
Participants meet master kite flyers, guests of the Festival from all over the world. And with the help of an interpreter they learn how to build a kite and the first flying techniques.
Budding kite flyers and amateurs can try their hand at kite flying in the dedicated areas adjacent to the masters' area.


from Friday 21st April to Monday 1st May 2023


from 10.00 a.m.


Pinarella beach


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