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44th Artevento Cervia International Kite Festival

44th Artevento Cervia International Kite Festival

Kites from all over the world flying over the beach of Pinarella.


From Saturday 20th April to Wednesday 1st May 2024

The Festival: a spring of magic and charm with Artevento

12 days of fantasy on the beach of Pinarella with kites arriving from all over the world.

Pinarella di Cervia - Artevento 2024


The most comprehensive and long-running art kite exhibition in the world returns to Cervia with an edition full of novelties and a special dedication to the Emilia Romagna Region.

From 20th April to 1st May 2024 on the beach at Pinarella di Cervia,
over 250 wind artists and international aerobatic flight champions from 50 countries
will meet in the Kite Capital to celebrate the world united by a peace project.

Pluralism, dialogue and inclusion together with kite culture and traditions

Artevento Cervia - Festival Internazionale dell’Aquilone - Ph. Wolfgang Bieck

A Festival with record attendance

More than 250 artists from 5 continents are ready to plunge us into the magical atmosphere of a practice born more than 2500 years ago.

In the Festival 50 delegations are present including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Korea, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, England, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, New Zealand, Holland, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tunisia, Switzerland, Tasmania, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, USA, Vietnam.


Among the guests of the 44th edition: George Peters & Melanie Walkers from the USA, authors of more than 80 national and international actions commissioned by private, public and corporate institutions, curators of the image of Barack Obama's campaign for the State of Colorado; to Robert Brasington and Michel Gressier from France, signatory in 1995 of the Wind Art Manifesto today conserved at the Mirò Foundation in Palma de Majorca; from the Canadian painter Robert Trepanier, long involved with Cirque du Soleil to the German designers Kisa, Anke Sauer and Frank Schwiemann.

National and international artists use kites as an artistic expression and have created true masterpieces that amaze every time!

 Pinarella - Artevento Cervia Festival Internazionale dell'Aquilone

BIG NEWS in the 2024 edition


Here are the main highlights of this 44th edition of the Festival:

  • Korea is chosen as the country of honour on the occasion of 140 years of diplomatic relations with Italy. Korea is one of the first countries where the practice of kite flying spread after its origin in China. At the Festival it will be represented by the Chungham Cultural Heritage Content Cooperative and the traditional music group Eidos together with a spectacular use of the precious 'hanbok' clothes painted by artist Kibeom Jung.
  • a focus on China, represented by the ancient Beijing tradition, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo's death. There will be a special edition of the "Night of Miracles Travelling among dragons and lanterns", dedicated to the Venetian traveller who first told the West about kites
  • a focus on Japan through a twinning with the Japan Kite Associaton and the Tokyo Kite Museum
  • a tribute to the history of the Antoniano di Bologna with children as ambassadors of peace
  • the pink flamingo is chosen as a poetic symbol of rebirth and regeneration. It will be the inspiring theme for artists and educational workshops
  • the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi's birth, for the role the kite played in the context of his wireless telegraphy experiments
  • the participation of UK designer Carl Robertshaw

Artevento Cervia - Festival Internazionale dell’Aquilone - Ph. Davide Baroni

The Festival of Wonders, with breathtaking shows

12 days of events on Pinarella beach with kites arriving from all over the world.

Set on a kilometre of perfectly serviced and accessible beach, every day the show includes a rich programme of

  • art, ethnic and historical kite flying
  • the flight of giants, the Wind Gardens, acrobatic displays to the rhythm of music
  • aerial photography with kites
  • exhibitions
  • educational workshops for children and construction courses for adults dedicated to the pink flamingo
  • thematic insights
  • night shows
  • market, food area and much more.

Suitable for aaudience and spectators of all ages and abilities, every day is free admission.

 Artevento 2024 Piantina

The programme in detail

The Wind Gardens

every day, from 10 am

On the waterfront, the largest open-air exhibition of air sculptures and wind installations from all over  the world to celebrate environmental art and promote wind power as an inexhaustible source of renewable energy.

Flag Ceremony

Sunday 21st April, 11 am

Official opening of the Festival in cooperation with Ravenna Festival of Cultures. Parade of guest delegations and meeting with the authorities. During the celebration the Mosaic flag will be opened. The flag represents the 128 communities living in the area as a symbol to promote peace, inclusion and welcome.

Sunday 21st April, 2 pm

Korea Special Guest 2024

Presentation of the Guest of Honour delegation for this 2024 edition.

Madera Circus

20th-21st, 24th-28th, 30th April and 1st May

Kite Circus Village
Piazza premi Nobel-Pinarella di Cervia

In the colourful Circo chapiteau will stage four different shows will stage stage: Gran Cabaret Madera, Hesperus, A ruota libera and Leebe street. Circo Madera is the result of a synergy between multifaceted artists: theatre actors, musicians, singers, circus performers and painters. Performances are suitable for adults and children.

Opening performance Saturday 20th April at 6 pm

Artevento 2024 Kite Circus Village


The Hatchling: how we did it

From Wednesday 24th April to 1st May
In Artevento Experimental Space - Cervia
10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm

The multi-award-winning Carl Robertshaw, acrobatic flying champion and visionary set designer, presents to the public the dragon that celebrates the marriage between the world of kites and puppets. For the occasion, an exclusive exhibition of preparatory drawings, photographs and sketches are shown in the Festival. The exhibition is set up inside the Officina Sperimentale Artevento, a former discotheque temporarily recovered for cultural use.


The Flight of Sustainability

From Wednesday 24th April to 1st May

Rubicon Hall - Cervia

2pm-5pm and 9pm-11pm
Wednesday 24 thApril, 2pm - 11 pm

The exhibition is dedicated to Wolfgang Bieck, the German master of Kite Aerial Photography, the photographic technique that uses images to narrate extraordinary works from a different point of view.

The Night of Miracles: travelling among dragons and lanterns... dedicated to Marco Polo

Saturday 29th April, 9 pm

Among the events not to be missed is the evocative Night of Miracles.

The Night is an event born in 1999 as a poetic homage to the sea and as an expression of the festival's ecological philosophy. A unique immersive show of wind art, with music and lights to dress the Pinarella Beach in enchantment.



Coming by camper van?

On this page you will find all the information on where to stay

Camper parks


Artevento, International Kite Festival

How was the Festival born?

Born in 1981 from a happy intuition of the painter Claudio Capelli who, since its inception, has been the organiser and artistic director.
And since 1981, every spring, the sky is filled with colour and magic as kites from all over the world fly harmoniously over our beaches.
A festival that combines imagination, creativity, art and culture.

Every year, the best kite masters on the planet meet on Cervia beach in spring for this traditional event.

More than a consolidated tradition, it represents the ideal appointment with the different cultures of the planet, in full respect of the values of brotherhood, peace and respect for the environment.
The event is now considered one of the ten most important festivals of its kind in the world.


The art of kite building

The Festival is a window on the colourful world of world kite flying, with its original characters and fascinating flying creatures.
It is also an opportunity to learn the art of kite building and flying directly from the world's great kite flying champions.

On the weekdays of the Festival, there are workshops for groups and school groups, by appointment, while on the holidays, they are open to all children.
Participants meet master kite flyers, guests of the Festival from all over the world. And with the help of an interpreter they learn how to build a kite and the first flying techniques.
Budding kite flyers and amateurs can try their hand at kite flying in the dedicated areas adjacent to the masters' area.


from 20th April to 1st May 2024


from 10.00 a.m.


Pinarella beach


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