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Birdwatching on the salt pan

Birdwatching on the salt pan

A large oasis is coloured pink with the flight of flamingos and red with the summer sunsets of Cervia

In the spring along the nest path to observe love and brooding.

And then the charm of thousands of pink flamingos, true stars of these wetlands


Birdwatching in salina - Tramonto - Ph. Gruppo fotografico cervese


Comfortable clothes and shoes, binoculars and a wish for excitement: that is all you need to enjoy a walk
along one of the birdwatching paths that the Cervia Salt Marshes offer. 


Birdwatching in salina - Uccelli - Ph. Gruppo fotografico cervese


In the spring, an itinerary full of surprises awaits you along “the nesting path”, where you can capture the stages of courtship, hatching, and the parent’s care of their little ones.

You can also travel along the canals in an electric boat so silent that you will pass unnoticed alongside the birds populating this area: over a hundred species that have found, even in this extreme environment, the best conditions for feeding, nesting, and settling.




Birdwatching in salina - Fenicotteri - Ph. Dany Fontana



There are numerous small waders, but the real stars of the Cervia Salt Marshes are the over 5,000 elegant pink flamingos, perching lightly on their slender legs.

The Cervia Salt Marshes, the southern station of the Po Delta Park, are a natural oasis covering 827 hectares and characterized by the flora and fauna typical of brackish wetlands.

Tours and itineraries start from the Via Bova Visitor Centre.


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