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10 things to do in Cervia in Autumn

10 things to do in Cervia in Autumn

Are your Summer holidays now a thing of the past?

You don't know what to do in these grey days and want to get away from the routine for a few days?

Pineta di Milano Marittima, canale e canoa - Ph. Giancarlo Piscaglia

Here is a list of ideas for your stay in Cervia in Autumn. 

A weekend with a sea view is waiting for you in Cervia!

Take a cue, let yourself be inspired.
Come to live an experience in the city of salt, between the scent of the sea and the colours of Autumn.


A seaside promenade, between sand dunes and shoreline

Cervia, sea and beach in Autumn - Ph. Dany Fontana

Do you already feel the sea air and the sound of the waves?

Enjoy a walk on the shore or on the large dune that runs alongside the sea every winter along the 9 km of beach from Milano Marittima to Tagliata.

We also recommend a stroll along the Lungomare (sea promenade) in Milano Marittima or along the Cervia canal,
where historic boats alternate with fishermen's boats.

1.1 Barche storiche 


The MUSA and the Salt Warehouses

Cervia, Salt Museum, indoor hall

Do you want to discover the history of Cervia?

 Make a stop at the Salt Museum (MUSA), housed in the Magazzino del Sale Torre.

It is run by the volunteers of the Gruppo Culturale Civiltà Salinara (Salt Civilisation Cultural Group), who are always willing to tell you a few interesting facts about the salt harvest and the precious white gold

3. Il porto canale


Heritage walks

They are the best way to get to know Cervia from close up, through the stories of salt workers and fishermen, who become expert guides for the occasion.
These walks are suitable for everyone, young and old, families and friends.
Participation is free and is promoted by the Cervia Salt and Sea Ecomuseum.
Cervia - fisherman, net repair - Ph. Thomas Venturi


A walk through the streets of the centre of the Garden City

Milano Marittima and its Art Nouveau soul, Rotonda Primo Maggio

Would you like to get to know the Art Nouveau soul of Milano Marittima?

In the green Garden City, you can take relaxing walks along tree-lined boulevards, past architectural gems and shop windows to suit all tastes.

The little villas of the founders of Milano Marittima transport you back in time, from Palanti's Garden City to the holiday villas.
A unique spectacle where architecture blends with the landscape.

4. MiMa liberty



Trekking, Nordic Walking and Running in the pine forest

Cervia pinewood Milano Marittima, Po Delta Park

Do you like to be on the move and do physical activity outdoors?

The centuries-old pine forest of Cervia and Milano Marittima and the coastal pine forest of Pinarella and Tagliata are ideal.
Walking, running and cycling surrounded by a natural environment where the autumn colours are constantly changing.


A match at Tennis or Golf

Milano Marittima, Adriatic Golf Club, 27 holes

Are you a sports lover and like to get involved?

Whether you are an expert sportsman or simply want to learn a new sport,
Cervia offers you a game of tennis or a few holes of golf, with the possibility of choosing the driving range.
The important is to want to have fun and learn. Alone, with the family or with friends!

Cervia Milano Marittima, clay tennis courts


Bicycle excursions

Cervia, slow bike routes, departure Torre San Michele - Ph. Gruppo Fotografico Cervese

Do you like to move around on two wheels? 

The city of Cervia offers slow-bike itineraries to discover nature, art and taste.
A ride through the streets of the city, through the pine forest, up to Ravenna and its mosaics.

The more experienced can take long rides, from the sea to the hills, where villages have a thousand stories to tell.
Stops such as Bertinoro, Brisighella or Castrocaro are the perfect mix of landscapes and typical gastronomy.

There is something for everyone, right up to the most challenging itinerary that becomes a journey: the ancient Cervia-Venice Salt Route.

All routes are available on a map and with gpx tracks, if you prefer to organise them yourself.
Otherwise, you can always contact the IAT office to plan a guided tour.


A bath at the Thermal Baths or a few hours in a Spa

Cervia Spa, swimming pools and wellness path

After a walk on the beach, a hike in the pine forest, a bike ride or a quiet visit to Musa, what better way than to end a day with an autumnal flavour?

A relaxing bath in the thermal waters or in the hotel spa is just what you need. Get your fill of pampering and enjoy a moment of pure well-being and relaxation.
Until 30th November, the Cervia Thermal Baths are waiting for you to enjoy your moment of relaxation.

Cervia, wellness at the Spa - Ph. Marco Onofri


Fish, Piadina, Typical dishes and Wine

Cervia, typical gastronomy of Romagna

To enhance your day, whether it is lunch, dinner or a snack, you cannot miss the local specialities and products: fish from the Adriatic sea, piadina di Romagna
(a winning combination with prosciutto crudo, rocket and squacquerone cheese), a plate of cappelletti in broth or tagliatelle with meat sauce, all accompanied by a good glass of wine.

We also recommend a visit to the Enoteca Regionale dell'Emilia-Romagna at the Fortezza di Dozza (BO).

And if your passion is being behind the cooker, you just have to browse through our recipes. 


Art and culture in Ravenna and close to Cervia

Ravenna, mosaics and Unesco monuments

If you stay in Cervia for a few days and want to admire the landscapes of the hinterland, as well as the city of Ravenna,
with its art, culture and mosaics, we recommend a stop in Brisighella, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy,
and in Cesena, where there is the Rocca and the Biblioteca Malatestiana, with the smallest book in the world.

Each town has its own history and culture, each town is to be experienced and discovered.

Chiudi menu
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