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"Ficocle" Archeological Site

"Ficocle" Archeological Site

The archeological site called Ficocle or Old Cervia is situated near Cervia's saltpans.

Pianta Cervia VecchiaIt certainly dates back to Roman times, as the many remains show, but some researchers want to demonstrate that the origin of the settlement was Etruscan.
Particulary interesting was the casual discovery in 1989 of a church of the first half of the 6th century, called San Martino Prope Litus Maris.
The cross-pattern plan is still recognizable as well as some mosaic floor remains.
Very interesting as well was the finding of the so-called Roman Ship in 1956 in a quarry of the farm Bassona, not far from the main road Strada Statale Adriatica, that was the coast-line at the Roman and Byzantine time.
It is a small boat of the Byzantine time, or early Middle Ages. The fragments consist of planking, anchors and a big copper flask.
Some of these findings are now displayed in Musa - Salt Museum.

The site is a private property.

Where: Via Ficocle, Pinarella

Admission: it is not possible to visit it


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