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Lancia Assunta

Lancia Assunta

The first boat recognized as part of National Cultural Heritage.

Lancia Assunta Boat, Cervia


Lancia “Assunta” 1925


Assunta is a launch with lug sails fitted out in 1925 in the famous shipyards of Cattolica, where, at that time, the majority of the boats of Romagna sailing the Adriatic sea were fitted out.

-         Fir for the deck

-         Larch for the planking

-         Durmast for frame and keelson

The bright colours of sails and hull are still the same ones chosen at the origin from Garbin, the boat’s owner.

The name of the boat “Assunta-Assumption” is due to the fact thatherlaunching  was on the day of the Assumption of Mary , the 15th August 1925.

Short before the II World War Assunta was bought by Luigi Tiozzi butshe remained longin port because of the war events .

Lancia Assunta Boat, Cervia 


During the II World War the bombings caused enormous damages in the Adriatic ports. Most of fishing boats were harmed by the German Army, that, during its desperate retreat,  had the order to sink all boats capable to sail. Fortunately  Assunta survived because she was moored well hidden in a secondary channel, linking Cervia salt pans to the sea.

 After the war, Luigi Tiozzi, taking advantage of a developing tourism, transformed Assunta from a fishingboat into a “cruise boat”.

By the end of 1950s Assunta was bought by an  unknown buyer and abandoned ashore on the beaches near Cervia harbour.

In the 1970s she was re-discovered by Paolo and Michele Marini, father and son,  who wanted to make her sail again.

After a 3 years long restoration, thanks to the skills of Augusto Giulianini, an old fisherman knowing  the characteristics of this ancient lug sail boat, Assunta was brought back to its original beauty and was able to sail again.

Recognition Ministry of Cultural Heritage


In 1996 the Italian Institute of Naval Archeology and Ethnology declared the importance of the launch Assunta as the only remaining  boat of Romagna built before the WWII and the only one fitted out with the tradition of those times.

In 1997 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage declared Assunta of “particular artistical and historical interest” according to the Law 1089, and because of that it is protected by the law.

Nowadays Assunta sails in perfect conditions along the coast of Romagna, taking part to all meeting of historical boats.


Where: Porto Canale, Cervia

Lancia Assunta Boat, Cervia


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