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Fountains, bridges, canals

Fountains, bridges, canals

Il Tappeto Sospeso Fountain - The suspended carpet

Built in 1997 to celebrate the three hundredth anniversary of Cervia Nuova’s foundation, the fountain was designed by the Romagna poet Tonino Guerra.

Angelika, love fountain

“Angelika, the fountain of love” was given to the city of Cervia by Helmut Trunk in 2008.

Paratoie Bridge

The bridge called Bulkhead Bridge is in the historical centre of Cervia and in the heart of the Fishermen's Neighbourhood.

The Fountain in Piazza Garibaldi

This fountain stands in Garibaldi Square in the historical centre of Cervia.

The Canal Harbour

Built as a point for salt loading, the Cervia canal harbour today is one of the best equipped tourist ports along the Romagna Riviera.

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