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The Pinewood of Cervia - Milano Marittima

The Pinewood of Cervia - Milano Marittima

In the past, Cervia and Milano Marittima's pinewood was the southern layer of the vast and peculiar forestry complex which, almost without interruptions, covered the entire area between the southern part of the Reno river and Cervia.

Pineta di Cervia - Milano Marittima - veduta aereaHistorical context

This wood has been classified as site of Community importance. It's part of the Delta del Po Regional Park and it is, to all interests and purposes, the green lung of Cervia, thanks to its 210-hectare extension.
The major part of the pinewood had been lost during the first half of the XX century, due to strong agricultural policies and as a consequence after the two World Wars.
Fortunately, the awareness of the local government, during the postwar period, allowed the fulfillment of a reafforestation program and the creation of the Natural Park.

How to fully enjoy the pinewood

Nowadays, the pinewood is an important heritage of naturalistic interest thanks to its highly varied ecosystem and it has become a destination of excellence in the ecotourism field.
The thick web made of paths and ways allows tourist to walk across a relaxing environment and to take part in several activities in this uncontaminated place.
Nature lovers will find a naturalistic path equipped with explanatory notice boards and an educational room in the open air.
Sport lovers will have a good time outdoors using the two running tracks and the gyms equipped with exercise equipment.

In order to protect the environment, in the pinewood there are some things that are not allowed: Pinewood regulations

How to get there

The pinewood is located between Cervia and Milano Marittima, and you can have access to it from these main entrances:

  • via Stazzone, from the cemetery
  • via Jelenia Gora, near the grade school
  • viale Ravenna, near the stadium
  • viale Nullo Baldini, near the water pump
  • viale Forlanini, near the spa

Cervia Pinewood - Milano Marittima, trail map

Cervia Pinewood - Milano Marittima, map of main paths


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