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Pinewood regulations

Pinewood regulations

In the pinewood it is forbidden

- To light fires for any purpose or use.

- To smoke inside the wood or in the paths, even in the winter months.

- To cut or damage plants and branches, to pick pinecones from the trees, to cut the underwood or parts of the plants.

- To climb on the plants or shake them in order to pick the fruits.

- To attach notices on the trees unless you are specially authorized.

- To tamper with fences, locks, signs or any other facility.

- To discharge or throw any waste material.

- To enter by car or any other motor vehicle in the pinewood or in the paths (disabled people as well as surveillance,

rescue and maintenance vehicles are dispensed).

- To camp in any part of the pinewood.

- To ride or walk saddle horses inside the pinewood.

- To take dogs of any size and breed without a muzzle unless they are held on a leash, except in the areas where hunting or

truffle picking are allowed and only in the approved periods.

- To behave indecently .

In addition it is forbidden (Town ordinance No. 1861/87):

- To park motor vehicles or obstruct the access to the barred entries.

- Offenders will be fined 50.000 to 1.000.000 lira.

Regulated activities

The following activities are regulated by law:

- HUNTING (L.R. 15-02-1994 nr. 8 and subsequent integrations).

- FISHING (L.R. 22-02-1993 nr. 11 and subsequent integrations).

- MUSHROOM PICKING (L.R. 02-04-1996 nr. 6).

- TRUFFLE SEARCH AND PICKING (L.R. 02-10-1991 nr. 24 and subsequent integrations).

- GATHERING OF DRY WOOD AND PINECONES allowed on request and under the control of the surveillance body.

- PICKING OF THE UNDERWOOD PRODUCTS (L.R. 24-01-1977 nr. 2 and subsequent integrations): see the daily amount allowed per person:

MUSK Kg 0,300






- It is forbidden to pick all kinds of spontaneous plants considered rare or protected (and for this reason visitors are advised to be extremely careful) according to the regional law 2/77 (and subsequent modifications and integrations) or specified in the town ordinance No. 1466/84 (all orchids, lemon-verbenas and so on).

In case of infraction to this law offenders will be fined 5.000 to 200.000 Lira, and in particularly serious cases the plants or bushes which are the object of the infraction will be confiscated.

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