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Regulation of bathing activities

Regulation of bathing activities


The bathing regulations are based on the ordinance issued every year by the Emilia Romagna Region, which states that:

Bathing is forbidden:

  • in ports
  • within a radius of 150 metres from port entrances
  • within the landing corridors of recreational craft

Parking and/or transit is forbidden on the breakwaters protecting the coast.

At the beach is forbidden: 

  • to leave boats parked except for those intended for hire/rental or those intended for assistance and rescue operations

  • to leave on the free beaches, after the sunset, beach umbrellas, deckchairs, tents or other equipment.

  • occupy the strip of beach (foreshore) designated for free passage

  • any commercial activity, with the exception of the hiring out of boats and vessels and duly authorised itinerant trade (candied fruit)

  • camping

  • driving through or stopping any type of vehicle, except for police, rescue or beach cleaning vehicles

  • play any game if it may cause damage or nuisance to people or public peace. Games are allowed in the areas behind the cabins or in the equipped areas.

  • during the summer bathing season, it is normally forbidden to bring any kind of animal except for rescue dogs and guide dogs for the blind; however, at present, the bathing ordinance allows access from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and from 9 p.m. to midnight; during the winter bathing season access is allowed without time restrictions

  • keep the volume of the sound equipment above the limit allowed by the municipal plans and use it between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

  • mount inflatable structures over 4 metres high

  • throw rubbish of any kind into the sea or leave it in the cabins or on the beaches

  • lighting fires

  • fly over the beaches with any type of aircraft, except for rescue and police vehicles, at an altitude of less than 300 metres

The maximum opening hours of the bathing establishments are from 6 a.m. to midnight, excluding the special opening evenings authorised each year by the municipality.


Dealers must:

  • operate an efficient rescue and recovery servic

  • ensure the perfect maintenance of the concession areas 

  • the number of umbrellas to be installed must be such as not to impede the movement of bathers

  • the areas granted may not be fenced off and must remain open to public transit

  • all the establishments must be equipped with platforms and accesses suitable for the transit of disabled persons

Each lifeguard position must be indicated by a flagpole placed between the first row of umbrellas and the foreshore on which it is to be hoisted:

  • WHITE FLAG - indicating the regular activation of the station
  • RED FLAG - indicating dangerous bathing due to bad weather or absence of the rescue service
  • YELLOW FLAG - indicating the obligation to close the beach for beach umbrellas that do not have the appropriate safety fastenings
  • BLUE FLAG - indicating the obligation of total closure of the umbrellas

Each flagpole must have an appropriate sign indicating the meaning of the flags in Italian, English, French and German.

Each lifeguard station must be staffed by a qualified lifeguard.

Until the last weekend in May and after the second weekend in September, if the bathing establishments intend to remain open exclusively for heliotherapy, they are not obliged to provide a lifeguard service. However, in addition to the red flags, they must display signs in Italian, English, French and German bearing the following notice: "Establishment open exclusively for heliotherapy - Beach without lifeguard service".

Lifeguard services are provided from 9.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the period determined each year by the municipality in agreement with the lifeguard cooperative.

Fishing regulations

During the bathing season it is forbidden:

  • to carry out any kind of fishing in the sea area reserved for bathing
  • to cross areas frequented by bathers with a loaded underwater weapon


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