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Cino Ricci - sailor

Cino Ricci - sailor

He was born in Rimini in 1934, but had his first experience on a sailing boat on the Romagna Riviera.

We remember him in as the skipper in important national and international regattas from to 1981 when his experience with "Azzurra" attracted the public's attention.

Thanks to him Italy participated for the first time in a traditional sailing competition being classified among the top positions at Newport in the United States in 1983.

In 1987 he worked with the architect J.M. Finot on a project for the ports in Emilia Romagna, he also collaborated with the project of the "Marina" to design a tourist landing place in Ravenna.

He then organized various sailing initiatives, founded the sailing club and idealized "Il Giro d'Italia a Vela" (Sailing Around Italy) which actually started from Cervia.

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