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Walk in the salt pan

Walk in the salt pan

Discovering flora and fauna or the secrets of salt harvesting in Cervia saltpan
walk in the saltpan
Naturalistic or productive itinerary, depending on the season, aimed to the discovery of the flora and fauna of Cervia Saltpan or to the secrets of salt harvesting.

Time: 1 ½ hours circa

Reservation required

Spring: nature trail
Equipped with binoculars, you go along the "path of the nests", in this period full of pleasant surprises, where you can observe the birds hatching, the courtship, the care of the young birds and the techniques of defense of the nest. Along the walk you can also discover the typical flora and the "lovers of salt" plants. From the lookout tower you can see the panorama of the Salina, where water and sky merge, with the possibility of taking some nice pictures.

Summer / Autumn: production path, mainly dedicated to salt production
Walk to discover the productive Salina to learn the secrets of salt harvesting. You get to the ancient Salina Camillone, where the salt is still harvested using the traditional method. Finally you can visit the Hexagonal Tower, where the history of Cervia is narrated through projections and installations.


spring 2022


Cervia Salt Pan Visitors Centre

Po Delta Park

Cervia - Via Bova 61


full ticket € 6,50
reduced ticket € 5,50

Information office

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