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What to do and see in Cervia

What to do and see in Cervia

Cervia, a town to see, experience and enjoy.

An ancient village to discover

Cervia is a town rich in history ready to be explored: the Quadrilateral with the houses of the salt workers, the large square and all the places telling about a town linked to sweet salt.


The historic centre seen from above

Departure from Piazza Garibaldi, the heart of the city and scene of the most prestigious events. From here you can admire the Municipal Palace and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which hosts prestigious works of art and historical artefacts to be discovered.

On the outside, the square is surrounded by rectangular walls known as the Quadrilateral, a kind of fortress in which the salt workers once lived and which were built to protect the city's most important buildings. If you walk along them from the inside, you will get several glimpses of interesting historical buildings, including the 19th-century Municipal Theatre.

Then we come to the small square behind the Municipal Hall, the so-called Piazzetta Pisacane, or "piazza delle erbe", with its typical wooden stands selling souvenirs and the old fishmonger's shop, which has now become a fashionable establishment. In the small square there is another typical and interesting element of the ancient culture of Cervia: Pietra delle Misure. It is a matrix with measurements that are unique to the village, such as the "passo" and "quadrè", which were also used by foreigners at the time. A finding that helps you to travel back in time to imagine the hectic life of the merchants of the time. Today the square hosts events of all kinds, in a renovated centre of gastronomy and shops.

Historic boats in the canal port and San Michele's tower - Ph. Gruppo fotografico cervese

From here the ancient passage under a wide arch (Porta Mare) leads to Viale Roma, one of the main links to Cervia's seafront and its bathing establishments. Once outside the walls you will immediately notice the Borgo dei Salinari, a fascinating testimony to a town that was completely rebuilt at the end of the 17th century. Just look out onto the avenue and you will immediately notice a fountain depicting a mermaid: it is the Angelika, a true love dedication by a German tourist to his beloved woman and to the city where they spent their most unforgettable summers.

Turn left towards the canal and the city's symbolic tower, Torre S. Michele, immediately rises into the horizon. On both sides of the canal you will notice the two salt warehouses: the Magazzino Torre hosts MUSA, the Salt Museum, which hosts interesting exhibits that tell the story of the city through the eyes of salt culture, while the Magazzino Darsena, located on the opposite side, is now a place dedicated to wellness with events, food and a spa.

From here you can visit the Church of Sant'Antonio, one of Cervia's oldest buildings, or cross the movable bridge and immerse yourself in the enchanting green area where the Suspended Carpet Fountain resides, sparkling with its meticulous mosaic of hand-carved tiles.


Relax and wellness in the Po Delta

Cervia is the perfect location for nature lovers: situated between the sea and the salt marsh and embraced by the pine forest, the town offers unique landscapes and unforgettable experiences for its guests.


Flamingos in the Cervia salt pan - Ph. Dany Fontana

Salt Pan

Located at the entrance to the city, the Cervia Salt Pan enchants with its history and the natural charm of the salt pans and the fauna that inhabits them, such as herons, stilt birds and the enchanting pink flamingos.

Don't miss the guided tours organised by the Visitor Centre, on foot, by electric boat or by a small train.
We recommend the purchase of a bag of sweet salt produced in the Camillone saltworks: the only one that still produces salt by hand, using old-fashioned wooden tools and traditional procedures. As well as being an excellent quality product to use in the kitchen, it is also the ultimate souvenir to take home, both as a souvenir and a symbol of good luck.

Finally, the initiative "Salinaro for a day" offers a unique experience to anyone who wants to try and experience the Cervia tradition of salt harvesting.


The beach as seen from above - Ph. Gianni Castellani


With its 9 km of fine sandy beaches and first-class facilities in over 185 bathing establishments, Cervia and its resorts offer numerous leisure experiences and sports for all ages.

The beach is one of the safest and most accessible in Italy, with excellent waters and an incredible range of services on offer. Qualities that are reflected in the Blue Flag award, which has been flying in Cervia since 1998.

The establishments are well equipped for all kinds of activities with a selection of sports to be practised both in the water and on the beach that expands every year, as well as slow activities devoted to relax and total wellness.

Exterior of Cervia Spa - Ph. Marco Onofri

Spa and pinewood

Nestled in the pinewood, the Cervia spa is at the forefront of programs and therapies using Liman, or lagoon mud, an extremely valuable health product extracted from the Cervia salt pan.

Of particular interest is the indoor swimming pool, which with its hypertonic Mother Water pool provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits to the skin, but also postural benefits thanks to the natural buoyancy due to the high salinity of the water, the highest in the world and even higher than that of the Dead Sea.

Adjacent to the building is the pinewood of Cervia and Milano Marittima. Here various equipped paths immersed in the green and the open-air gym are available for walking or cycling, jogging or simply enjoying nature.


The best time for your holiday? Anytime!



The moment when Cervia comes alive with the perfect activities for every type of holiday. Families can relax on the beach and in the pinewood, while among trendy clubs and organised events young people always have the chance to have fun. The markets at Borgomarina, the concerts in Piazza Garibaldi and the cultural and artistic initiatives are just some of the fascinating events that populate the town this season.



In spring and autumn there are many opportunities for lovers of sport, nature, gastronomy and wellness to visit the town in a quieter atmosphere.

From May to September, every green corner of Cervia is tinged with a thousand colours thanks to the open-air exhibition of Città Giardino, where expert gardeners from all over Europe create flower beds every year that amaze with their flowers and scents.

Starting in September, get excited about international sporting events such as Ironman.



In winter Cervia never ceases to express its charm. There is no shortage of shopping opportunities in the centre and at the Christmas markets, and the New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day weekends, with a candlelight dinner and a walk hand in hand through the streets of the centre are not to be missed.



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