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Philosophy under the stars

Philosophy under the stars

Conferences about philosophy in Cervia. The wisdom that accompanies life

Philosophy under the stars

from Friday 19th to Friday 26th July 2024

The Festival boasts important names belonging to the world of philosophy and has them as guests against very charming backgrounds.

The conferences are in Italian

Filosofia sotto le stelle, Piazzale dei Salinari


The Cervia Philosophy Festival celebrates its 20th edition this year.

The chosen theme is a journey around human feeling, exploring the complex nuances of emotions, feelings, passions and stunnings, to offer a profound and topical reading of the human condition.
Through lectures, philosophical cafés and other philosophical practices, the festival offers all participants a vision capable of touching the most intimate chords of human feeling.



from Friday 19th to Friday 26th July 2024


Cervia - Piazzale dei Salinari, Darsena del Sale


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