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Creating in colour, Musa meets the art of ceramics

Creating in colour, Musa meets the art of ceramics

Tales and curiosities about ceramics at the Salt Museum in Cervia

Cervia, Musa - Workshop Let's play at the Museum with ceramics and colours

Artistic handmade ceramics constitute a precious historical and cultural heritage of our territory. Each workshop has its own history, techniques and methods.

Elisa Grillini, a ceramist, narrates the art of contemporary ceramics with activities open to the public, stories and curiosities about manual skills, materials, decorations and artistic inspiration.


Sundays 14th January and 11th February 2024


3.00 pm


Musa - Salt Museum

Cervia - Magazzino del Sale Torre, Via Nazario Sauro 24


workshops included in the entrance ticket ad Musa

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