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EstROSA Pop Dance and surroundings

EstROSA Pop Dance and surroundings

A Pop-Style Grand Gala Dance

Notte Rosa, EstROSA - Ph. Gianluca Galletti

Cervia - Pink Night - EstROSA - Ph. Associazione Rete altriThe show will see on stage

Fabrizio Prolli and the Wonder Boys Company

directed by Luciano Cannito, artistic director of Art Village, and choreographed by Fabrizio Prolli dancer and television choreographer

Carlo Kamizele and Manu Ange

world-class professional hip hop dancer

Dancer Rita Pompili

aka Rita Danza, fresh from 'Amici'

Nnamdi Nwagwu

young talent of contemporary dance and choreography

Delia Zeferino

Step J Company

Bella Lì

Y Noi Squad

Notte Rosa, EstROSA

The event is part of the Pink Night programme

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Cervia - Pink Night - EstROSA - Ph. Gianluca Galletti



Friday 7th July 2023


9.00 p.m.


Piazza G. Garibaldi




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