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Pink Night in Cervia

Pink Night in Cervia

"Pink & Love" Positive thinking, Encounter, Nature, Keepcalm and Free your imagination, Optimism, Vitality, Empathy

Notte rosa, porto canale

Pink, the symbol of hospitality, takes on different shades on the lively beaches of Milano Marittima and Cervia.

The need to come together and be together again, the desire for peace, for overcoming crises, for a return to normality and the need to charge oneself with positive energy are the concepts on which Pink Night 2022 is based

Reinterpreting the universal message of Peace & Love, through new images, colours and icons, PINK & LOVE was born: P as in positive thinking, I as in meeting, N as in nature, K as in keep calm (and of course smile!), L as in freeing the imagination, O as in optimism, V as in vitality, E as in empathy. In this acronym lies all the strength and passion that animate Romagna, a land that has always welcomed with a smile, makes one feel good, transmits optimism and a desire for lightness.
A sort of modern version of 'Flower power' to express strength of will and the ability to react.

Now in its 17th edition, the Pink Night will take place on the first weekend of July, from Friday 1 to Sunday 3, once again colouring the whole of Romagna pink: from dusk to dawn, from the beaches to the hinterland, a magical atmosphere of lights, sounds, images and colours will spread.

The programme will be enriched by initiatives to enhance the excellence of food and wine, revisited in a pink key, experiences in contact with nature, and a thousand opportunities to experience the sea and the beach. Even the fortresses, squares, villages and monuments will be enriched with pink decorations.

Among the novelties for 2022 is the final Sunday dedicated to wellness, physical activity, and taking care of oneself and others.


Friday 1st July

Cervia - Piazza Garibaldi

Aalen Big Band in concert

Notte Rosa a Cervia, SG Big Band Aalen

Saturday 2nd July

Cervia - Piazza Garibaldi

Lorenzo Semprini & 44 Band

Between the Via Emilia and the West: between folk echoes and rock songwriting

In case of bad weather the show will be postponed to Sunday 3 July

 Notte Rosa a Cervia, Lorenzo Semprini

Notte Rosa, Logo regione Emilia Romagna


from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July 2022


Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella, Tagliata

Information office

Tourist Information Office - Cervia
Torre San Michele, Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4
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