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SprintKite 2022

SprintKite 2022

The 33rd edition of acrobatic kite flying returns to the beaches of Tagliata

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On the beach of the Riviera dei Pini, in Tagliata di Cervia, Sprintkite returns, a colourful event full of novelties organised by the Cervia Volante kite flying association.

The event was born in 1990 in Cervia, a town that has always hosted the festival, sharing the spirit of welcome and friendship that is reflected also this year in the schedule full of guests and contents.

The guests of the 2022 edition are all specialists in various disciplines in the world of kites, both two and four-cable or in the flight of long complex trains of kites manoeuvred in sync with music for breathtaking evolutions. There are many Italian kite flyers, but also several groups from many foreign countries ready to perform on the beach of Tagliata di Cervia.

In the last edition, more than 30 associations, totalling 120 kite flyers, accepted our invitation in a spirit of friendship, eager to display their creations on our welcoming beaches. Among them there were participants from Germany, Belgium and Holland. Due to Covid-19, representatives from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain, France and the United Arab Emirates declined, postponing their presence until next year. We expect a further increase in attendance this year, especially from abroad, with many new aerobatic experts never seen before on our beaches.

The 2022 schedule has many reconfirmations and many new surprises in store


The presence of the artist Lucia Peruch, aka Lu Lupan, is reconfirmed. Lu Lupan defines herself as a "Sculptress of Scrap", is part of the Mutoid Waste Co. group and will create for the Sprintkite 2022 Festival an installation made entirely of recycled plastic against environmental pollution, to raise public awareness of this very sensitive issue.

This way continues the work we have been doing for some time on the degradation and pollution of our seas and beyond, and how this has a negative impact on the lives of us all. Lu Lupan is only the most prestigious spokesperson for this commitment we have made, as our kite flying guests have also been made aware of this issue and we look forward to their creations.
The festival continues with the now classic night flight "Un mare di luci" on Saturday, with kites and illuminated sculptures, with live performances and music, in collaboration with city associations. A moment where each participant will be able to give free rein to their creativity and imagination, but also where everyone will be able to immerse themselves in a magical and unrepeatable dimension.




from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2022


from 10.00 a.m.


Tagliata beach


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