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Saint Stephen's Trophy - Rinaldo Giani

Saint Stephen's Trophy - Rinaldo Giani

Appointment for canoe lovers every year on Saint Stephen's Day

Trofeo di canoa di Santo Stefano Rinaldo Giani

Departure from  Saint Michael's Tower, Piazza A. Costa in Cerviaand arrival at Canoe Kayak Club in Milano Marittima

On 26 December, we set off from Saint Michael's Tower, Piazza A. Costa in Cervia at 10.30 a.m. and sail up the harbour channel to the salt pans' district channel. After a stretch of this watercourse, we will reach the salt-pan canal and follow it to the Canoe Kayak Club.

Along the way, you can admire the San Michele tower, the salt storehouses, the nativity scene on the water, the salt piles in the salt-pan park, the water pumps, the locks and the pine forest.

Once the finish line has been crossed, there will be a moment of refreshment with awards for various categories: in addition to the first classified in single and double canoes, prizes will also be awarded to the youngest and the oldest crew, as well as the first classified among the female crews. The event will end with a steaming plate of pasta and beans. The trophy is open to all canoe enthusiasts who want to paddle together and experience the thrill of a winter trip.

The very first edition of the trophy was won by Josefa Idem, then still unknown, now a multiple canoe champion, the first and only woman in the history of Italian canoeing, who has won a World Championship and an Olympics. To take part in this enjoyable canoe-cross event you must register by calling the Canoe Kayak Club 333 9949985 .

The club provides single and double canoes and kayaks.


Canoe trips through the canals of the Milano Marittima pine forest are possible all year round

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Monday 26th December 2022



10.30 a.m.


St. Michael's Tower

Cervia - Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4



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